Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind

by Safety

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Antonio Bivins
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Antonio Bivins Been listening to Safety since "A Season of Bad Dreams", this album packs a huge punch. Loved every second of it. If only they'd release a proper full length! Favorite track: A Wealth of Sorrows in a Few Words.
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released August 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Safety Brooklyn, New York

Andy, Grayum, and Nick making music.


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Track Name: The Shadow Over Brooklyn
Cracked paint chip, monster face on the subway wall
It's got my nightmare eyes and your serpent's jaw
A dozen specters trapped amongst the screaming dark outside
Astonished to discover which one's mine

To be in love with you is to hate everything you say or do
This train is headed south
Last stop Innsmouth

Try to get some shuteye, but I feel all shook
Everybody on here has that "Innsmouth look"
I know that you'll be late somehow, it takes so long to get downtown
And I know where you've been just now
Track Name: A Wealth of Sorrows in a Few Words
I found a letter you wrote me under my bed
"I couldn't bear to let you go" that letter read
Now we can't even make the time, or maybe you're just too polite
"I just don't love you anymore" is what you really meant

I know you couldn't know you'd cut so close to me

The autumn left and winter came with a frozen stare
Connecting dots of fallen snow on your pitch black hair
Motionless, remiss, and your eyes fluoresce
And we could end it with a kiss, but that wouldn't be fair

I know you couldn't know you'd cut so close
But when your taxi pulled away I wished you would have stayed
With me

The book that took a month to read
You had to recommend
The tattoo on your sleeve
The one from "East of Eden"

A wealth of sorrows in a few words
Track Name: Final Cosmic Flash
If asteroids crashed down on the city of Tampa
And tidal waves took over the summer sky
Would the sound be loud enough to deaden
Bad memories that echo in my mind?

If all of the streets we ever walked on
Were ripped apart in a final cosmic flash
Would the heat from the fires be enough
To burn away the past, and melt it into glass

So we can check ourselves
In the reflection on the way out?
No chance for any connection
Too late now

Don't mistake my taciturn for patience
I've said all I'm going to say

Let asteroids crash down on the city of Tampa
Let winter take us all down in its shade
And maybe then we won't have to endure
Looking back on what we once made on the way out
Track Name: Ultraviolet Light
In my defense I just couldn't take my eyes from the ground
The cracks in the pavement go so far down
But I was paying attention to your vacant sounds

We are the colors of ultraviolet light
Hiding our secrets in plain sight
Masks we've made try to shade
Our detachment tonight

Let's admit we regret what we know for sure and hope that we're wrong
But since time is distance, and life goes on
Then no one can stay close for long

Driving late last night it was growing bright
We didn't understand
It was never right, it was false dawn light
From a power plant
Track Name: Derealized
The summer heat dried up the rain
The air was sweet like sugarcane
There's cold blood in my veins

We swam up the Hudson River
You spotted landmarks on the shore
I never hated you more

You couldn't look into my eyes
For your picturesque goodbye
And all the lines you spoke seemed memorized
Like on a movie screen
You're just as sick as me

You said "we both changed over time"
You came and went with the tide
And left me here

You make me derealized, afflicted, demoralized

We swam up the Hudson River
I never hated you more